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Cuban attraction

This beautiful park combines the natural beauty of the area with magnificence sculptural works of Cuban and foreign artists.  Declared World Biosphere Reserve, it offers several attractions for the visitors.

One of them is la Gran Piedra (a huge natural rock), where it is possible to...

Cuban attraction

This animal sculpture park was built in the 70´s by the Cuban sculptor Angel Iñigo Blanco and it has today more than 300 stone sculptures of different animals.

The only way to get to this attraction is with a hired car or a local taxi.

Cuban attraction


Cuban attraction

Located at Viñales village, it offers to visitors, bike renting services that can be a good alternative to move to different spots in the valley.

Cuban attraction

This small and peaceful town with a countryside atmosphere is the main village in Isla de la Juventud. The absence of tourism and the “isolation” from the main island have preserved much of the atmosphere that characterized most of Cuba before the boom of the tourist industry.


Cuban attraction

Located east of Isla de la Juventud (Isle of Youth), it is one of the main tourist attractions in Cuba. This key with only 6, 5 km wide, on its widest point, is considered a “beach paradise” because it has more than 27 km of white sandy and intimate beaches.

These beaches are one of the...

Diving and snorkeling

Cuban attraction

Located at the north coats of Pinar del Rio, this small key is a great choice if you are looking for a quiet unspoiled beach with clear waters. The trip to this remote spot gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of a Cuban natural environment, and the key itself is also a good diving spot...

Maria La Gorda Diving Center

With its 8 km of fine white sand, it is a perfect spot to enjoy a swim in a peaceful environment with a big sense of privacy. Due to its exceptional natural condition, it has been rated as one of the top 10 dive sites with excellent clear water the whole year. The 50 most popular dive points...

Cayo Levisa - Perfect beach

With its 3 kilometers of excellent beaches, Cayo Levisa is one of the main attractions in Pinar del Rio Province. The key is a great option for diving lovers because of his big coral reef. This spot is atractive for visitors who simply want to take a swim in a wonderful beach with clear waters...

Cuban attraction

This 500 meters long beautiful beach has a unique layout created by the combination of its white sand coastline surrounded by green high hills.

Its clear waters have ideal conditions for swimming and diving activities with a sea bottom inhabited by coral beds with an attractive diversity...