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Bars and nightclubs

Cuban attraction

This place located in the popular area called La Rampa, is a restaurant during the day time and in the evening it turns into a night club.

Cuban attraction

Located at the top of the Habana Libre Hotel, it has a fantastic view of the city. On the evenings it offers live music concerts with Cuban bands, dancing shows and discotheque after the shows. Here the prices for cocktails and drinks are one of the highest in Havana.

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Cuban attraction

It is a very popular place among young locals who come here to dance salsa and other popular rhythms of the moment. The popularity of the place is that, although prices are in CUC, they are lower than other clubs. It has a non tourist atmosphere.

Club 23

In spite of its strategic location on the central area of La Rampa, it is not one of the most known clubs in Havana. The place is visited mainly by young locals who find here lower prices than in other nightclubs.

During the day the place is used as a restaurant and in the evening as a...

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Cuban attraction
Cuban attraction