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Cuban attraction
Archaeological attraction

These caves are one of the main attractions in the island because they contain more than 200 Cuban aboriginal pictographs estimated from 800 AD. The importance of this archaeological site is so big that it has been considered the “Sistine Chapel of the Caribbean Rupestrian art, and it is the most important of its kind in the whole Caribbean area.

This attraction is located in a military zone, to enter there you have to get a day pass at the offices of the company called Ecotur. (located in Calle Marti , entre Calle 24 y Calle 26, Nueva Gerona ) . The opening hours of the Office are from Monday to Saturday 08:00- 17:00 .

Excursions and hikes are not authorized without an official guide.

South east of Cienaga de Lanier, by Punta del Este.
Getting there and moving around: 

To get there you have to rent a 4 WD vehicle.

Admission and other fees: 

Day pass admission fee 12 CUC. Must be bought in advance at Ecotur offices in Nueva Gerona.

In Discovering Cuba?: 
It's not a relevant attraction

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