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Beaches and natural attractions

Viñales Valley (Valle de Viñales)

This famous valley is one of the most important attractions in Cuba, due to the fantastic beauty of its landscapes. The main unique element in its landscape is the Mogotes, which stand out inside of the valley as Limestone Mountains with an altitude between 140 and 400 meters. The mogotes combined with the tobacco plantations and the rural houses create the peculiar view that has made this place to become one of the UNESCO’s Natural Humanity...

Cuban attraction

 It’s a unique experience created by the special atmosphere of being in a river inside a mountain. The cave has fantastic wide galleries in which you can get a ride with a boat.

 This popular cave is crossed by the San Vicente River and it was used by the Cuban aborigines that lived in the area.  During the rain season (May-October) you can admire a small waterfall inside the cave, when the water falls from the upper gallery to the...

Cuban attraction

Located at the north coats of Pinar del Rio, this small key is a great choice if you are looking for a quiet unspoiled beach with clear waters. The trip to this remote spot gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of a Cuban natural environment, and the key itself is also a good diving spot where coral reefs have become home to a diversity of marine life. 

There are no accommodations facilities on the island and there is only 1...

Maria La Gorda Diving Center

With its 8 km of fine white sand, it is a perfect spot to enjoy a swim in a peaceful environment with a big sense of privacy. Due to its exceptional natural condition, it has been rated as one of the top 10 dive sites with excellent clear water the whole year. The 50 most popular dive points have dozens of old wrecks including Spanish galleons, several caves (some of them dangerous), tunnels and drop off’s stretch. 

In terms of...

Cayo Levisa - Perfect beach

With its 3 kilometers of excellent beaches, Cayo Levisa is one of the main attractions in Pinar del Rio Province. The key is a great option for diving lovers because of his big coral reef. This spot is atractive for visitors who simply want to take a swim in a wonderful beach with clear waters.

Cayo Levisa is known because of its rich marine environment, with a big coral reef inhabited by a wide diversity of mollusk, gorgonian,...

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Known as Cayo Megano de Casigua by the locals, it is located 9 kilometers northeast from Cayo Levisa. This 500 meters long beach with clear waters is a great option for snorkeling or swimming in a totally empty beach with a great sense of privacy and stillness.

Cuban attraction

Located in the mountain group called Sierra del Rosario, this complex is one of the best examples of suitable development in Cuba. In this magnificent spot for nature lovers, it is possible to explore mountain trails, enjoy the beauty of the Cuban nature and swim in crystal clear water rivers.

In 1985, due to the diversity of its flora and fauna this beautiful area was declared a Biosphere Reserve.

The complex provides some of...

Cuban attraction

Declared a world preserved biosphere in 1987, it is one of the largest natural reserves in Cuba with more than 50 000 hectares. The area has a natural isolation created by the combination of huge silica sand plains and the largest lakeside of Cuba with more than 100 small lakes.

This natural park is inhabited by more than 170 species of birds (11 of them endemic), 700 species of plants, 19 amphibian species, 35 species of reptiles, and...

Soroa - Natural marvel

This fantastic natural spot located in the heart of the Sierrra del Rosario, Biosphere Reserve, is known as the biggest orchids garden in Cuba. The great diversity of flora and fauna makes it a prefect spot to get in contact with an exotic mountain environment. 

Among this diversity you can find more that 100 species of ornamental trees, 20 species of tree palms and bamboo, 60 species of vines and more than 50 species of birds. Among...

Cuban attraction

This spot offers you a unique alternative to combine a nice hike with a swim on natural pools inside of a cave. Ask locals about the way to get there.