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The halls of the Natural History Museum are designed to promote awareness of nature, while pointing the need to protect and preserve the natural resources.

The exhibition is divided into different areas. The first of them displays the scientific work that allows the systematic maintenance and improvement of the exhibitions, recreating a hypothetical expedition to the natural world, while showing the diversity of objects that make
up the collections.

The second area shows the Origin of the Earth and the life on the planet, providing an overview of the evolution and the processes that resulted in the emergence of terrestrial life and its development to the emergence of the humans.

The third area shows Mammals, Birds and Reptiles of other parts of the world, bringing to view samples from different geographical areas, supported by sound and lights effects.

And the fourth area is a Cuban Nature exhibition space, devoted to the origin of Cuba and its geography, showing prototypes of typical minerals from the island.

Visitors can get here information about the ecosystems that existed in Cuba, and the present marine and terrestrial fauna.

The museum also owns the Colibrí Kids Room, where the workshops are targeted to the education of children in the love of nature. Also, the Video Room Almiquí supports, with a systematic program, the educational project on the knowledge and care of nature.

+53 7 8639361
Calle Obispo #61, Plaza de Armas, Habana Vieja
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From Tuesday to Sunday 09:30- 19:00
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