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If you are looking for a beautiful quiet spot, this park is the perfect place. This green oasis has the combination of the natural beauty provided by the tropical vegetation and the artificial lake, with the serenity of a very relaxing environment.

Inside of the park you can choose between 4 different types of restaurants with different specialities. Dante restaurant (Italian food), Antiguedades (sea food), La Campana (creole food), El Retiro (International cuisine).

The park has the facilities for different activities like bowling, shooting, boating on the lake and camping among others. At the southern part, the park has a public swimming pool.

+53 45 614867
Avenida 1ra y 58, Varadero
Openning Hours: 
Daily 09:00 – 24:00
Admission and other fees: 

Boats on the lake – 0.50 CUC / hour

In Discovering Cuba?: 
It's not a relevant attraction

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