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In Havana, there are several ATM machines where you can withdraw money using your bank card. Sometimes due to communication problems after following all the operation procedures, the machine gives you back the card and no money comes out.
Normally you will not be charged if the operation does not succeed completely. The last few years, thanks to improvement in the communication lines, this problem has been reduced dramatically.
The total withdraw cost in an ATM in Cuba is around 3% besides of your own bank fees. When you withdraw CUC for an ATM in Cuba, the bank will charge you the equivalent amount in USD, based on the exchange rate between CUC and USD. And will charge you around 3 % (of the USD amount) in commission fee, besides of your own bank commissions.

We do recommend using preferably Visa cards when you intend to withdraw money from an ATM in Cuba.It is important to know that ATM machines in Cuba only have small bills and it is limited the amount of them you can withdraw in a single operation. So we do recommend having it in mind when you decide the amount of money you will withdraw.

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