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The infrastructure to pay with a bank card or withdraw cash has been increasingly developed in Cuba the last ten years. Still it does not have the same levels of efficiency as it is in developed countries in Europe, North America and Asia.

Now you can find ATM machines in all the big cities, bank offices and Currency Exchange Houses (CADECA) all over the country, where you can withdraw cash from your card. Due to US regulations there is not possible to use bank cards in Cuba that have been issued by an American Banks.

We do recommend checking with your bank the list of the countries that are included in the “Geografic coverture” of your bank cards and the commissions for using them in Cuba.

Types of Bank Cards and acceptance

Visa Best option (Reccomended)
Mastercard Widely accepted (not ATM)
Dinners Club Accepted in some places
Banamex Accepted in some places
Carnet Accepted in some places
Maestro Not reccomended
American Express Not accepted at all
Note : Not issued by an American bank

Bars, Restaurants or shops at the big hotels or tourist resorts does usually accept bank card as a form of payment. But still there are many places like private restaurants (Paladares), small hotels, museums, markets, bars and small stores outside hotels where you can not pay with any type of card. So we do recommend some cash withdrawing in order to make it easier for you.

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