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 Should I bring cash, bank card or traveller’s checks?

Is a common question among travellers to Cuba? Here we provide you with information that we hope it will help you to answer this question.

 The section Cuban currencies  will give you important basic knowledge of the two currencies circulating in Cuba, the Cuban Covertible Peso (CUC) and the Cuban Peso (CUP)

 The section travelling with cash will give you important information about the currencies to bring if your are planning to travel with cash and exchange it in Cuba

 The section bank cards in Cuba will provide you with information about the types of cards that are advisable to bring, the money withdraw services and the use of the bank card as a for of payment in Cuba.

 The section CADECA (Currency exchange houses) will give you information about all the services provided by this official currency exchange houses located all over Cuba, as well as the currencies they operate with.

 The section CADECA´s offices location  can help you to find the location of the closest Currency Exchange houses to your accommodation in Cuba.

 The section ATM machines in Cuba  provide you with information about ATM services in Cuba as well as the cost of using them.

 The section travelers checks  can be a useful source of information about the types of cheques you can bring, where to exchange them and where you can use them in Cuba.

 The section bank´s offices location  can help you to find the closest bank to your accommodation in Cuba, as well as opening hours.

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