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In this section you will learn some of the key words to know when you are visiting Cuba. Some of them are important to understand the street addresses in cities and villages.

Useful words
We help you with some of the most important words used in addresses, locations and attraction descriptions in Cuba.
We also provide you with a link to a Web Dictionary that can be useful if you need a quick help with a translation.

General Description of Cuba
Will provide with general facts about Cuba as a country, including among others, official language, population, main industries and natural resources.

Climate and Weather
Will give information about temperature, humidity and weather seasons in Cuba, as well as updated reports about Hurricane alerts during the season from June to November. Visiting this section you can get updated information about the weather conditions in different parts of the country today and the next days.

Flora and Fauna
Provides you a basic description of the Cuban flora and fauna, opening for you the doors of these great natural treasures.

Administrative divisions
To understand how the country is divided into different provinces and their locations, will help you to locate the different spots and sights you are interested to visit during your stay in Cuba.

Important Cuban Celebrations
This section gives you an overview of the most important celebration in Cuba during the year.