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The medical assistance system for foreigners in Cuba is different than the free medical service is provided to the local population. The system for foreign travellers is called Servimed and it is a for-profit medical system.

It is the institution in Cuba specialized in medical assistance services to foreign visitors.
Tel: +53 7 240141 / 42
Web: http://

Servimed has several health center all over the island that provides different types of services. Also Servimed has also several drugstores for foreign visitors, where the prices are in CUC (Cuban Convertible Pesos).
Foreign visitors are not allowed to buy medicines in drugstores who sell their products in CUP to the local population.
If you face a situation where you need medical attention, contact the hotel staff or contact the closest health center at the phone number listed below.
As an extra precaution, especially when you are travelling with children, we do recommend to take with you the contact information of the health center closest to your accommodation in Cuba.

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