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If you bring cash to Cuba, the best is to avoid the American Dollars, because the commission of the exchange service is much higher for this currency, following a resolution of the Cuban Central Bank from 2004. According to this resolution, an extra tax of 10 % is applied at the convertion between US Dollars and CUC.

It is recommendable to bring Euros or other international currencies.

American Dollar USD
British Pound GBP
Canadian Dolla CAD
Convertible Cuban Peso CUC
Danish Krone DKK
Euro EUR
Japanese Yen JPY
Mexican Peso MXN
Norwegian Krone NOK
Swedish Krone SEK
Swiss Franc CHF

Travelling with cash

Services and products can not be paid in foreign currencies except very few areas (tourist resorts) with special rules like Varadero, Cayo Largo del Sur, Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo.

The cash that you bring can be exchanged to CUC at:

  1. The CADECA (Cuban exchange office) decks at the airport.
  2. The CADECA offices around the country.
  3. CADECA desk at big hotels and resorts.
  4. National or International banks.

Note: Banks and Exchange offices do not exchange coins from international valutas.

Commission fees

The commission fees Cash exchange in CADECA and Banks is between 3% and 4 %.

Exchange rates:

Cuban Central Bank:


Check our section Bank’s offices location to get detailed information about the closest Bank offices to exchange currencies in your destination in Cuba. 

Tourist Guide: